Taiya Renewable Energy Joins Forces with Local O&M Team for Localization of Offshore Development

Taiwanese O&M Team Established to Support Local Developers

Photo (left to right): Associate Professor Wen Zhanquan of National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, Chairman Jeff Chen of DACC Marine Engineering, Country Manager Kevin Wu of James Fisher Renewables Taiwan, Chairman Irving Lin of Taiya Renewable Energy, President Jason Huang of PDE Offshore Corporation, Chairman Robert Tseng of High Tien Offshore, President Eric Han of Jong Shyn Shipbuilding

Taipei/Kaohsiung, Taiwan. In response to Taiwan government’s localization target in the third phase of offshore wind development, Taiya Renewable Energy joins forces with James Fisher Renewables Taiwan, PDE Offshore Corporation, DACC Marine Engineering Co., Ltd., High Tien Offshore Co., Ltd., and Jong Shyn Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., to establish a local O&M team and support Taiya Renewable Energy’s offshore wind farm development, displaying the determination to localize offshore wind power through concrete actions. 

“With the third-phase offshore wind zonal development starting soon, as a local developer team, Taiya Renewable Energy is fully dedicated to building a comprehensive local ecosystem and supply chain of the offshore wind industry, and joining the local industry chain to establish technical capability and market competitiveness, with an ultimate goal of exploring the international renewable energy industry,” said Chairman Irving Lin of Taiya Renewable Energy. “In addition to the previously announced Huanyang site which will join the bid in this year and floating Huanya project in Miaoli, Taiya Renewable Energy continues to carry out other offshore wind farm developments with either fixed and floating foundation . We are honored to have received the support of Taiwan O&M team, working together towards the government’s target of localization, supporting the domestic demand of green energy and sustainable development of local supply chain, and participating in the government’s energy transition policy. The advantage of having a local team of developers lies in the incubation of local talents; we can also drive the development of domestic supply chain to gradually enhance technical capacity and achieve real results. We also look forward for future opportunities to jointly venture beyond Taiwan’s local market and break into the international renewable industry.”

“The local O&M team established, with the support of Taiya Renewable Energy, will use James Fisher Renewables' years of global experience and technology to enhance the existing local capabilities. James Fisher Renewables Taiwan, as the technical leader of the O&M team, has contributed the technology and experience to various wind farms, and also committed to developing localization, since the beginning of offshore wind in the region. Last year, we officially opened an operation base of nearly 500 square meters in Taichung Port area, and this year we strengthened and will continue to enhance our APAC setup through appointment of key roles, promising to use Taiwan as the hub for offshore wind power development in the Asia-Pacific region, and to further implement localization. The formation of the Taiya Renewable Energy O&M team has not only demonstrated the effectiveness of the government's localisation policy but also strengthened Taiwan's local capabilities, allowing them to enter the offshore wind market as a hub exporting the talents and technology to the region.” said Country Manager Kevin Wu of James Fisher Renewables Taiwan.

“Through the establishment of the local O&M team, we hope to further develop the O&M technology and capability in Taiwan. By integrating overseas experience and domestic capability, we can further establish the foundation of relevant technology in Taiwan, so as to establish local O&M supply chain,” said President Jason Huang of PDE Offshore Corporation.

“On the basis of 20 years of local marine engineering experience, DACC Marine Enineering Corp. is now committed to design, establish, operate and manage the Taiya OWF O&M support fleet. This builds a solid and profound support of the long run success of Taiya OWF,” said Chairman Jeff Chen of DACC Marine Engineering. 

“The vision of High Tien Offshore is to connect local vessels and create local values with the local cable laying vessel. This time, being able to participate in the local O&M (Operation and Maintenance) team and to corporate with the local shipbuilding company and developer, is the actual action of High Tien Offshore to implement local offshore engineering with regards to local shipbuilding and retrofit. We plan to execute the retrofit of the cable laying vessel and the newbuild of Crew Transfer Vessels in Taiwan in order to provide O&M services and Crew Transport services in the wind farms of zonal development in Round 3. This local O&M team is based on the local shipbuilding and retrofit in the offshore engineering and integrates the local offshore and marine team, to provide complete and independent local O&M services. This will be the most complete localization and industrial integration model.” said Chairman Robert Tseng of High Tien Offshore.

“In response to the government’s localization policy in the offshore wind farm industry, Jong Shyn Shipbuilding Group joins the local O&M (Operation and Maintenance) team with James Fisher Marine Services Taiwan Branch from UK, PDE Offshore Corporation, DACC Marine Engineering and High Tien Offshore, and to support Taiya Renewable Energy. Among the local team members, Jong Shyn Shipbuilding has been established for nearly 40 years and has accumulated countless experience in ship repairs and newbuilding. Whether it is a ship newbuilding or repairs, we can provide professional ship services for this project,” said President Eric Han of Jong Shyn Shipbuilding.

During the O&M phase that can be as long as 25 to 30 years after the establishment of a wind farm, the local O&M team will rely on existing local technical capability and capacity, and transfer the experience and technology accumulated through over 15 years of experience in offshore wind power. We will integrate the resources of all member companies in the O&M team and plan to support and establish long-term and permanent local capability and capacity through early technology transfer, as well as accumulation of experience. 

About Taiya Renewable Energy

Members of Taiya Renewable Energy have extensive experience in the areas of green energy infrastructures, supply chain localization, project development, investment banking, and government relations. Taiya is a renewable energy company that is dedicated to the development, planning and design, engineering and construction, O&M, and asset management of offshore wind farms and strives to make use of advanced international technology for the establishment of a local development team to create local synergy and explore international markets in compliance with the governments renewable energy development targets, offshore wind power policy, and industry chain localization guidelines, as well as offshore wind farm development directives. With its close ties with the government and local communities, as well as rich experience in supply chain management and wind farm development, Taiya Renewable Energy is able to realize synergy of wind farm and local community, assist Taiwan’s industrial transformation and sustainable development in co-existence with the environment, and mitigate global climate change.

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