Offshore Wind Energy Recruitment Drive! Taiya Renewable Energy Welcomes College Students.

Taiya Renewable Energy, the only purely domestic offshore wind energy developer in Taiwan, is recruiting full-time summer interns for a two-month training program. The official website has posted related job openings, including project development, procurement management, engineering technology, and public relations, offering a monthly training allowance of NT$34,000. They warmly invite young students to gain firsthand experience in wind farm development and cultivate workplace-ready skills.

Offshore wind energy is one of the rapidly emerging industries in recent years, and according to estimates by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, there is an expected workforce gap of 20,000 employees in this field by 2025. Mu-Lin Lu , Chairwoman of Taiya Renewable Energy(TRE), stated that TRE is the only 'Taiwanese team' in offshore wind energy, upholding the philosophy of 'cultivating Taiwan's talent locally.' This summer, they plan to recruit six full-time trainees to actively participate in the development team's operations and gain practical knowledge and expertise in offshore wind energy. TRE's team is dedicated to nurturing future young talents, offering them a broader perspective and a platform for growth, as well as discovering promising students from campuses. The recruitment criteria for this program include undergraduate students in their third and fourth years and master's or doctoral students who are interested in the wind energy industry and meet the requirements of relevant disciplines. Applications can be submitted on the Taiya Renewable Energy official website, and the application period is open from now until April 30th.

Formerly an educator and former Deputy Minister of Education, Lu pointed out that in the future, talent development should be a joint effort between educational institutions and the industry. Through the linkage of academia, industry, and research, the technical expertise of the industry should be systematically passed on. He emphasized that real learning in offshore wind power occurs through practical experience, and they hope to integrate industry knowledge with academic knowledge to enhance Taiwan's wind power technical capabilities. Lu further noted that over the past seven years, Taiwan has successfully replicated the "European experience" in offshore wind power, and the industry has gradually taken shape. The foundation laid by foreign companies, international resources, and technology in the early stages, along with the increasing domestic demand for wind power, underscores the importance of nurturing local talent to take the lead in Taiwan's wind power sector.

At the end of 2022, TRE, established just two years ago, obtained the development rights for the wind farm in the third phase of offshore wind power development, demonstrating that Taiwanese wind power professionals possess sufficient expertise to realize Taiwan's energy independence. Lu stated that TRE, as the latest entrant in offshore wind power block development, has the advantage of a deep understanding of Taiwan's specific needs, including staying up-to-date with policy trends and being closely connected to the Taiwanese market. He mentioned that TRE has already collaborated with both foreign and local supply chains to introduce foreign wind farm development experiences, technology, and resources. Regarding project segmentation, they have identified the most suitable foreign wind power partners. Meanwhile, TRE has steadily built local capabilities and nurtured local offshore wind power talent. "Taiwan is entering a crucial moment in energy transformation, and TRE will not be absent!"

Lu reiterated that offshore wind power has become an essential component of the energy transition. He emphasized that TRE's summer training program for this year offers job openings in various fields, including marine engineering, project management, procurement, and public relations. They welcome young students who are interested in entering the offshore wind power industry to apply.

Do you want to experience the challenges of wind farm development firsthand? You are invited to participate in TRE's training program and contribute to Taiwan's sustainable future. For more details and online registration, please visit the Taiya Renewable Energy official website at https://www.tre.com.tw/recruiting.

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